Meyer's Gin M1 - Kiwi berry

“Gin just took another twist!” A unique gin has been created at what is most likely to be Belgium’s oldest distillery. As jenever, the original inspiration for gin, was first distilled in Belgium, Meyer’s Gin creates a new evolution in the world of gin. A unique class of its own: First Class! The Hardy kiwi looks like a grape but tastes like a ripe kiwi - aromatic and fruity. The addition of the kiwi berry to the gin’s recipe lifts its flavour to unknown heights, and gives the gin its very soft and smooth character. It’s a party in the glass and on the palate, and is handcrafted by our master distiller. Technical data Product name: Meyer’s Gin M1 ABV: 38% - 76 proof (US) Volume: 500ml
Weight: 1.285 kg
Dimensions: 8.51 cm × 8.51 cm × 19 cm