Meyer's Gin M2 - Asparagus

“White asparagus in a bottle!” For the first time in history, asparagus can also be enjoyed in the glass. This premium gin, created and produced by Spirits by Design, is yet again unique in the history of Belgian gin distilling, and prides itself on the fine aroma of asparagus on the nose, and its exquisite taste on the palate. The gin world has never been more diverse and elaborate than today. As a result, a gin must do the unexpected in order to be noticed. And M2 certainly does take everyone by surprise. Moreover, this new gin, which pays tribute to the Flemish asparagus, blows everyone away. The M2 is culinary daring and a top product in the glass.
Weight: 0.919 kg
Dimensions: 7.7 cm × 7.7 cm × 17.5 cm