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Meyer's Gin Silver

Meyer's Gin Silver

The Classic Genie: Meyer’s Gin Silver

The taste of classic ingredients never goes out of fashion. This all rounder enchants with its honesty, perfect balance and true flavours. The fresh kiwi berry makes for a soft, fruity flavour, which will surprise, but reassure at the same time.
Like an old friend, it takes you by the hand on a senses stimulating journey to Meyer’s Gin birthplace.
Spicy, fruity, sweet or simple: in what way ever you may like your gin, Meyer’s Gin Silver has the answer.
Timeless, inspiring and versatile: legends never die.


Style: Old Tom
ABV: 38% alc/vol – 76 proof
Content: 500ml

World Gin Awards 2018 - Best Old Tom
China Wine and Spirits 2018 - Gold Medal
Meyer's Gin Ruby

Meyer's Gin Ruby

The Playful Genie: Meyer’s Gin Ruby

Impish and beguiling, though surprisingly still recognizable: Meyer’s Gin Ruby certainly is not like all other pink gins. On the contrary. This eye catching lady leaves traditional red fruit by the side, but prefers a classical basis of juniper, combined with disarming touches of hibiscus and rose petals.
As pure and soothing as a Japanese garden, but nevertheless strong and determined.
The result? A unique story of subtle flavours, floral accents and a dreamy last touch. Allow yourself to be surprised!

Drink PINK!

Style: Distilled
ABV: 38% alc/vol – 76 proof
Content: 500ml

Meyer's Gin Jade

The Fresh Genie: Meyer’s Gin Jade

There has seldom been a gin as balanced as Meyer’s Gin Jade. The carefully chosen ingredients make for an explosion of emotions: with only five flavourings, this sturdy gin paves a new way to unequalled sensations.
The four exquisitely matching botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica and lemon thyme are reinforced by a blissfully sourish tinge provided by both the zest and the pulp of lime. A freshness you can find in no single other gin!
As a premium character gin, Meyer’s Gin Jade will amaze you, both with its solid texture as well as its fruitiness. There’s nothing like it!

Style: London Dry
ABV: 42% alc/vol – 84 proof
Content: 500ml

Meyer's Gin Gold

Meyer's Gin Gold

The Treasure Genie: Meyer’s Gin Gold

A true ode to our culinary heritage: you can assuredly consider Meyer’s Gold Gin to be the treasure of the Belgian gin culture. The fine flavour of asparagus is both atypical and delightful. Per 100 liters we use no less than 30 kilo of asparagus, clearly bringing to the fore the flavour of our ‘white gold’.
This heavenly savour is reinforced through evenly balanced touches of malt and hops, which only intensifies the pleasure. The character of the Flemish fields is accentuated by the full flavour of the macerated asparagus.
As a result you get an intriguing gin in your glass, as enchanting as it is daring; Are you up to it?

Style: Distilled
ABV: 43% alc/vol – 86 proof
Content: 500ml

Meyer's Gin Genial

The Musical Genius: Meyer’s Gin Génial

Soft as summer and refreshingly fruity. That’s what you get when you bring together Gene Thomas, musician and pure blooded artist, with Meyer’s Gin’s artisan creator.
Gene’s favourite travel destinations are at the base of this unique gin liqueur which will please everyone.
The combination of exuberant strawberry, tingling mint and refreshing passion fruit is perfectly balanced and tastes soft and fresh. Pure nature and fully distilled in Belgium.
Can you taste the sun yet?

Style: Gin liqueur
ABV: 24% alc/vol – 48 proof
Content: 500ml

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