Tijs Coessens - Restaurant Dell'Anno en Lounge Punta K Kortrijk

Meyer's Garden N1

4.5cl Meyer's Gin
6cl apple juice
2cl elderblossomsirup
1cl lemon juice

Old fashioned glass, crushed ice and kiwi.

Meyer's Monroe

5cl Meyer's Gin
2cl sugarsirup
1cl lime juice

Shake with hibiscus flower and ice to obtain pink color.
Strain in champagne glass.
Add 7cl of sparkling wine.
Finish of with a white strawberry.

Thierry De Bruyne - Bar-Trends

Meyer's Cosmo

4cl Meyer's Gin
1.5cl triple sec
1.5cl lime juice
3cl cranberry juice

Martini glass, lime wedge, shake and strain.

Meyer's Wallbanger

4.5cl Meyer's Gin
1.5cl galliano
9cl orange juice

Shake and strain over ice in a longdrink glass, top of with orange peel.

Meyer's Pink Gin

7cl Meyer's Gin
1 dash of Angostura bitters

Stir and strain in a Martini glass, top of with lemon peel.

Meyer's Swizzle

5cl Meyer's Gin
2cl Elexir d'Anvers
2cl Frangelico
2cl simple syrup
2cl lemon juice

Shake and strain over crushed ice in a collinsglass. Finish of with lemonpeel and a fresh hazelnut.

Meyer's 75

4cl Meyer's Gin
2cl sugar syrup
1cl lemon juice
7cl champagne

Shake and strain. Top champagne. Finish of with lemon zest.

Meyer's Angel

4,5cl Meyer's Gin
2,5cl green creme de menthe
1 dash of bitters
2cl lemon juice

Shake and stir. Finish of with twisted lemon peel.